We continue with the points

Once upon a time there was a painter named Seurat.

Let's continue with the infinite world of dots and meet another artist who used them in his works: Seurat.

THE CIRCUS was Seurat's final work and the important thing about the work is both the color and the line.

Why did Seurat apply the paint in the form of pure colored dots?

He wanted to reproduce colors as they appear in nature.

I had studied optics and knew that our eyes mix colors individually, creating the sensation of others.

Seurat applied tiny dots of unmixed color, one next to the other, in such a way that at a distance they united and appeared to the eye as other colors.

If we put a lot of yellow dots next to red, we will see orange.

If we put a lot of yellow dots next to blue, we will see green.

If you put a lot of blue dots next to red, we will see purple.

Here we have Seurat's paintings to be able to paint


Remember, no matter what type of paint we use: Markers, paints, crayons....

But we will use exclusively blue, red and yellow dots...

Hands to work!!!!!

We also have other fun ideas:

This art project recreates pointillism using stencils and paint.

We apply the paint with an old toothbrush (the one you wash every day noooo!!!!), splashing it by rubbing the bristles, it is very important that we do not mix the colors, the colors will be visually mixed on the paper.

We are going to create templates, we can copy the figures from Seurat's painting or create our own. We cut them out.

On a piece of paper we can draw the circus ring and cover it with paper or tape.

Place the stencils on the sheet of paper. Prepare red, yellow and blue paint, whatever you have; watercolors, tempera or food coloring...

We start with the lightest color, yellow; we spread the brush in the color and we pass the finger so that it splashes, like this all over the painting.

The same with the red and then with the blue. When the paint is dry, lift the stencils and succeed!

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