The library bears the name of its founders, the Fournier family, who in 1920 donated their bibliographic holdings to the School of Arts and Crafts, then the cultural nerve center of Vitoria-Gasteiz.

From its opening until its closing, some 30 years ago, it lived its golden age. It was a center for social gatherings, consultation and divulgation at the same time.

The library of the School of Arts and Crafts reopens its doors, putting itself at the service of all citizens and especially the research community. The aim is to give life to this cultural space, making known the existing bibliographic collection, developing various cultural activities.

The library's bibliographic collection, which is in the process of being organized and catalogued, is estimated at approximately 8,000 items, distributed in two areas:

  • Top: old bottom
  • Bottom: modern background

The library's holdings are varied in subject matter, and among them deserve special attention:

  • Periodicals, historical publications
  • Bullfighting Fund
  • Old fund (18th and mainly 19th century)
  • Pre-1958 copies
  • Copies with singular characteristics such as autographs or annotations by the authors, special bindings, etc.
  • Cartographic material