4Gasteiztxo - School workshops
- Municipal Educational Activities - Academic Year 2024-2025 -

Workshops Description
Pop sculpture (sculpture) From 6 years old. Creation of an abstract three-dimensional piece inspired by contemporary sculptural conceptions, working on concepts such as line, the transition from plane to volume, weft, color...
Fantastic Bestiary (modeling) From 6 years old. We will design and model "monstrous" characters with interchangeable pieces based on geometric and organic shapes.
Made in Japan (Creative Painting and Japanese Bookbinding) From 6 years old. In the first part of the workshop we will experiment
with stain and color making different pictorial creations on paper that we will later use in the second part of the workshop for the book covers that we will make using traditional Japanese bookbinding techniques.
Pop up-Print. From 6 years old. Starting from the combination of geometric shapes, we design, create and print on paper with our own stamps, building with them a pop-up book.
Creating with threads (textile) From 8 years old. Creation of a textile piece, using interlacing and knotting techniques on a frame, with which we will later play, giving it a more contemporary and volumetric character.
Cinema toys (animation) From 8 years old. This experience is based on learning about the beginnings of cinema and the moving image through the creation of one of the first animation machines: the zoetrope. (It would be necessary for each child to bring a circular cheese box to make the machine).

Plastic expression, like any language, involves a creative process. In order to represent and communicate creatively through the image, it is necessary to keep alive the curiosity to know and the capacity to be surprised by the daily events that surround us. Carrying out plastic activities aimed at achieving this goal allows students to become familiar with the language of the image in a spontaneous and natural way.
Workshops taught by teachers in which students will develop, both individually and in groups, creative techniques through art.

How to choose the workshops
Each group will have to choose the days on which the activity will take place, "Monday/Tuesday" or "Wednesday/Thursday" and the workshop to be carried out.

Creativity, Education, Participation and Citizenship.
- To make known the means of expression of the visual arts in general.
- To promote the creative capacity and collective participation in team work.
- To facilitate the reflection and the way of seeing plastic as something natural and daily. Target audience
- Primary Education and Compulsory Secondary Education. Responsible
- Responsible for coordination: Maite
- Contact: mayte@escueladeartes.org Phone: 945 144410 (from 16:00 to 19:00h)

- Place: Escuela de Artes y Oficios. Plaza del Conde de Peñaflorida, 01008 Vitoria-Gasteiz
- Calendar: from September 2024 to June 2025.
- Schedule: from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm; ("Monday/Tuesday" or "Wednesday/Thursday")
- Materials: provided by the School of Arts and Crafts. (In the workshop "Juguetes de cine", it would be necessary for each child to bring a circular cheese box for the elaboration of the machine).
- Maximum number of participants: classroom-group (the total group is divided and participates in two workshops simultaneously of approximately 12 people per workshop).
- Language: Spanish.

Amount and payment
- 2 per participant (Account No.: ES66-2095-3150-20-1090174375)