Art for children and youth

For ages from 4 to 16 years old

The workshops, which are held in the afternoon, cover disciplines and games that motivate and encourage creativity in children and young people. An entertaining way to introduce children to the world of art; their own art.

Children's Creativity

The children's creativity program, aimed at children from 4 (before the beginning of the course in September) to 7 years old, focuses both on personal expression and on experimenting with proposals based on the primary "Graphic Alphabet", addressing issues related to color, stain... we will promote aspects related to creativity and aesthetics.


Children's ceramics

Introducing clay to children, playing with it, appreciating its touch, humidity, plasticity; constitutes an indispensable first approach for the acquisition of certain skills through which they learn to create with their own hands, to develop dexterity, the ability to perceive, to create textures, volumes, shapes and colors... in short, to enhance the capacity for expression and creativity with the satisfaction of a product made by oneself.


Create with leather

Aimed at people with special educational needs and functional diversity from 14 years of age.


Young Art

The purpose of the Youth Art workshop is to ensure that students between 8 and 15 years of age acquire technical, perceptive and expressive skills through the knowledge and use of the resources of plastic languages (drawing, painting, sculpture, digital, line, stroke, color...).