Optical illusion or trickery by which a person is deceived into believing that he sees something other than what he actually sees; especially, landscape painted on a surface that simulates a real image.

The word comes from the French: Trompe-l'oeil, which means trick the eye . With this technique painters try to trick the eye by playing with the environment, architecture, perspective, shadows and optical effects.

The Romans already used this decoration technique, but it was from the 16th century onwards when it became more popular.

Here is a painting by a Catalan painter called Pere Bonell del Caso, who in 1874 painted this picture of a child coming out of the painting itself. Cool, eh?

Next is the work of a very famous street artist called Banksy, who nobody knows because he works in a clandestine way and is very critical of society.

There are countless artists who work with this concept of "deceiving the eye", we would almost say "deceiving the brain". We are passionate about this subject.