Hi Guys!

Today, I am going to propose you to create unusual portraits combining geometry with flat colors and linear patterns.

We can use the photographs from the previous entry, our own or others from magazines, for example.

What do we need?

Tracing paper or plain paper, mechanical pencil, ruler and fine point markers. Let's get started:

We place a piece of paper on the computer screen, tablet or cell phone to be able to trace or a tracing paper if it is a printed image and we mark points three by three or four by four and join them to generate a triangular or polygonal plane.

 The stitches must be faithful to the underlying bone structure, so that it can be understood that it is a portrait.

Next, we use the ruler to mark triangular or polygonal planes, as if the face were a mineral or crystalline structure.

It is important that the triangles or polygons we create follow the bone structure of the face.

When we are done, we should be left with a lake like this.

Next, we will color the polygon, using fine tip markers. The very small planes, we will fill them with flat colors, on the other hand, those larger polygonal shapes we will color them creating linear plots that must follow the direction of one of the sides of the polygon we are coloring. Here is an example:

Did you like the idea?

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