The Valencian painter Juan Genovés passed away early Friday morning, May 15, of natural death in a hospital in Madrid at the age of 89.

The artist was during the Spanish transition, the author of "The Embrace" 1976 painting belonging to the collection of the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid. Later it would become the sculpture "El abrazo" as a tribute to the lawyers killed in Atocha.

Genovés developed an expressionist and provocative style of painting. In the 70's, he began to raise two themes: the "individual alone", initially resolved initially as a "collage" in relief, and the "multitude", working with flat inks and plastic structures.

In the 80's he began a new period closely linked to the urban landscape, which has been called "Spaces of solitude". In recent years his work has taken a turn towards the investigation of static movement in painting, the crowd has become the reference to talk about the problem of painting and visual rhythm.

Attached is the interview of his last exhibition.

Juan Genovés (click here)