• 1 cotton T-shirt
  • wax shavings (plastidecor type)
  • template with our initial
  • baking paper
  • cardboard
  • iron

We put the cardboard inside the T-shirt, to avoid staining the back,

We sharpen our plastidecor with a pencil sharpener or we could also use a cheese grater.

We can play with the colors, work with a specific range or distribute the shavings by zones.

Tip: we try not to accumulate too much wax in some areas.

Next, we cut out our initial using the negative that we will place and fix on the T-shirt, we spread the wax shavings on top.

Cover with the baking paper and iron slowly, for about 3 minutes, supporting the iron for a few seconds and lifting it up so as not to burn the shirt.

Let cool, remove the baking paper, the foil with the drawing,

 and the cardboard inside the T-shirt..........

Work completed.

Other ideas:

The same proposal, but instead of crayons scribble over the hole left by the stencil with markers.


With acrylics and some round object that allows us to stamp (cork, a pencil eraser) and using the positive of the text.