The great American expressionist artist-painter Jackson Pollock shared with others like Rothko the hegemony of abstract expressionism in the art world. His proposal, so original at the time, was, however, simple or unsophisticated in execution.

That is why we propose this workshop to do at home:
Taking advantage of perishable materials (such as a large piece of cardboard, which will probably go to the recycling garbage can) and also tempera that you have at home, proceed as follows:
Place the support on the floor in a wide space. We will splash using basic colors: yellow, red and blue and optional black and white; when we throw them on the floor their mixture will give rise to secondary tones and a quite aesthetic result. If necessary we will dilute the paint with water so that it loses thickness which favors the dripping and an incredible result.
Here you have a sample, cheer up and enjoy!