Anatomical drawing

Informative summary of the course

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The specialty of Natural Drawing covers four school courses, ANATOMICAL DRAWING I, II, III and IV. The focus of this specialty is the approach to the world of drawing through the monographic study of the human figure as a recurring theme.

The four levels are taught together in the classroom where the teaching revolves around the model, which is posed on alternate weeks.

Days of the week: Tuesday and Thursday

Hours: from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Course level: I, II, III and IV

Conditions of access: 1st year of Painting, Basic Drawing or proof of basic knowledge.

Duration: School year from September to June


  • Basic learning of anatomy. Bone structure and muscular structure.
  • Study and understanding of the visual scheme of the human body: basic structure and proportions.
  • Movement, perspective and expression of the figure.
  • Learning to look from negative spaces.
  • The study of light values in the figure. Chiaroscuro.
  • Introduction and explanation of the characteristics of drawing and painting tools and materials.
  • Experimentation with different representation techniques
  • Study of color in the representation of the body: local color of the skin. Tones and color temperature. Study of color relationships by experimenting with mixtures and combinations from progressively complex palettes.