Information on the workshops to be raffled off will be here on Monday afternoon, Monday 10.


Alumni: Registration Renewals

Renewal DEADLINE: May 13 to May 24 inclusive.

New Students: Application and Enrollment Deadlines

  1. Deadline for collection and delivery of applications: 05/20/19 to 06/05/19
  2. Publication of provisional lists of workshops to be raffled: 10/06/19
  3. Deadline for claims: 10/06/19 to 12/06/19
  4. Draw date: 06/13/19
  5. Publication of final lists: 14/06/2019
  6. Formalization of enrollment:  
            • 17/06/19 Photography
            • 18/06/19 Children's Creativity and Art Play
            • 19/06/19 Drawing and Painting (Young Art) and Ceramics for Children

REST OF WORKSHOPS: 20/06/19 to 28/06/19

As of July 1, 2019, vacant positions in each specialty will be open for application, in strict order of registration, whether or not the applicant has participated in previous processes.