......... and a field notebook for vacations?

We are almost touching the vacations at the School.

I am sending you a proposal, I think, very useful to enjoy drawing and painting in your free time. It is about the watercolor pencil paints that you already know. Its use allows a lot of freedom and very expressive results.

In this link you can see how to use them

You can take as a reference to practice any model. It seems to me that landscapes are the most appropriate.

But you can also draw on the works of master painters such as the post-impressionist Toulose-Lautrec discussed in the tutorial.

 o Degas.                              

The two masters share the use of interiors with artificial light and atypical approaches as well as figures with peculiar attitudes and expressions very typical for the expressionist strokes of pencil painting. 

I have presented these works as an example but they can be the ones you choose. There are many very appropriate ones.

But it also occurs to me that you can complement its use with those refillable brushes that have a small reservoir for water.