workshops: line and color


The course proposes a program aimed at young people from 16 years old, who are interested in plastic art. Or who even intend to pursue or complement their artistic studies: artistic baccalaureate, modules or degrees in the field of art. For this, a general education in this field will be taken: drawing, painting, volume, photography, digital.



Day of the week: Friday

Schedule: From 17:00 to 19:00h

Course level: Initiation

Duration: School year from September to June


  • Main representation systems: conic and axonometric.
  • Aspects of drawing; freehand, fit, composition, scale, form and volume.
  • Theory and practice of color; its structure, characteristics, perception, cultural use.
  • Study of form; clay modeling, use of molds, paper folding.
  • Photography and the digital field.
  • Techniques; pencil, charcoal, markers, acrylic, pastel, clay, collage, photography
  • Development of creativity and artistic expression.
  • Artists and artistic movements.

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