When photography was born, officially back in 1839, it was characterized by its ability to reproduce reality in an objective way, or at least that is what it pretended to be. With the passage of time we have been observing that this has little or no truth and as a sample a button. We propose the following exercise:

Choose an everyday object that is not too small to be photographed and occupies the entire frame and take the following pictures.

  1. Objective, descriptive photography, as if it were a still life for a catalog and with a neutral background.
  2. Photograph of the object in its context.
  3. Decontextualized/ironic/suggestive photography (The work of photographer Chema Madoz could be a good reference).
  4. Abstract photograph of the same object.

To carry out the exercise you can use all the resources you consider necessary: movement, depth of field, lighting, blur, etc.

Once the exercise has been completed, we suggest that you reflect on which of the four photographs you like the most and why.

**The photographs are from Chema Madoz's first period and illustrate very well the idea of decontextualized/ironic/suggestive photography.