We are going to propose you to work around a story entitled:

 "For four little corners of nothing"

Here is the link to the story on YouTube.

For the proposal, we only need a piece of cardboard, it can be from a cereal or cookie box. Some flat circular object to serve as a template (the lid of a jar, for example) and another square object (the base of a box, for example); colored paints, scissors and Velcro, if you have it, otherwise it is not necessary.

First with the cardboard we will cut out the shape of a house (below you have the templates), we can color it and put the title of the story.

We will have to cut out a circle in a corner that will be the door of the little house.

Then we will draw and cut out the little circles and the little square, paint them and put happy faces on them.

If we have Velcro we can glue them to the house.

Learn the story and you can tell it to your friends, your little brother or your family!