Drawing with a ballpoint pen

We propose you a simple work; with materials that you all have at home.

At the time of its realization, think of the result as a watercolor. That is to say, always thinking in white, in clean paper as light.

With materials we have at hand. Folio, din A-4, din A-3; better paper that has a little weight. A pen that paints well. Alcohol (sure you have it at hand) and a paintbrush.

First we are going to make strokes in different directions so that when superimposing them we create textures of more or less density as shown in this link. Try different textures.

How to draw with a ballpoint pen (click here)

A sphere can be a good excuse,

Or any object with a similar shape that you have at hand. Shine a light to cast a shadow.

Try alcohol now.

Moisten the brush and pass it over different surfaces on which you have previously applied ballpoint pen.

Think of the result as if it were watercolor. Think of the light as the white of the paper and don't worry that, due to the capillarity of the surface, the alcohol will open up and take on whimsical shapes. It is a game.

You can copy this example by applying different textures and optionally add brush strokes with alcohol.

Enough for now. Try, play and have fun.

I insist. The important thing is the search for light through different textures representing simple shapes.......(to be continued)