In 1926 the photographer and experimental filmmaker Man Ray made the piece "Emak bakia". He had been invited to spend the summer on the Basque-French coast and, in a way, it is the film of his vacation. But Ray is not just another tourist. Linked to Dadaism and later to surrealism, he plays with the camera, with chance, with light and images. "Emak bakia" is one of the freest works ever made, as well as one of the few historical avant-garde pieces with a title in Basque. Indeed, "emak bakia" means in the Basque of the zonz, "leave me alone" and is the name of the house where Ray spent the summer.

Much later, in 2012, filmmaker Oskar Alegria made his documentary "The House of Emak Bakia", one of the most stimulating surprises of recent years, a tribute to Ray, to creation in general and to cinema in particular.


I leave two links. The first one to Ray's work and the second one to Alegria's trailer.

Man Ray's work

Trailer of Oskar Alegria