The chair is an everyday and seemingly mundane object that has accompanied human beings since 4000 B.D. Throughout history, its forms, uses and meanings have varied and have been molded based on the functional and aesthetic needs of the moment. Its infinite object-forms as well as the social orders they have framed make us see that there are as many chairs and as many different expressions of them as there are subjects.

In this exhibition of The Chair, reflections and introspections about this object are proposed from different artistic fields and media, from the purest formal abstraction to the greatest linguistic entanglements of the noun. Thanks to the work "One and three chairs" by Joseph Kosuth, we are allowed to play and find the three aspects of reality (objectual, visual and linguistic) where the essence of all those objects with which we interact, their power to create and be approached from different perspectives, is eradicated.

What do you see in this chair?

The infinite white of the not yet written

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