Landscape: Urban Sketch

What is Urban Sketch?

We can say that it is the practice of drawing -for example in your sketchbook- everything that surrounds you, no matter what the circumstance. It does not necessarily imply that you draw cities, but it consists of capturing your personal vision of your immediate world, or of the places you have been to.

Doesn't that sound more interesting, does it? And it's not that drawing cities doesn't have its charm. As someone who lives and spends much of his time in the city, I've learned to contemplate and recognize its charms, but if one concentrates solely on the technical aspect of depicting it, it can become too... cold and methodical.

Phil Dean, one of the best known Urban sketchers tells us:

"I love live sketching and while it can be one of the most challenging disciplines, it can also be one of the most rewarding. Many people use photographs to sketch in the studio, but I find that the finished work betrays the source material and that a photographic reference is sometimes too perfect.

While I may be more than happy to draw from a photograph for specific commissions, for example, it's impossible to beat a sketch created live in situ; it somehow leaves more soul in the finished piece."

With this we can say that our own personal experiences are captured in our works, as if it were an artistic diary, and it is something really useful to learn to capture ideas that arise, a bit like we do in gestural drawing, although in this case we are rather flowing with the dynamism of the same subject.

Thus, with Urban sketching you can document all kinds of experiences in a casual, uncomplicated way, about how to draw what is closest to us and tell stories that are really close to us.

That's why we want to invite you to do it.