Fallas paper workshop.

During the last two months we have conducted a sculpture workshop with paper fallero. This technique has been very common for the realization of giants and big heads, as well as the traditional figures of the fallas of Valencia. Working with paper allows the piece to be light without losing hardness and resistance. As a sculpture exercise is very complete, it allows to work several disciplines. On the one hand, the modeling, which we have done in clay. Followed by the realization of plaster molds. Then we proceeded to work with the paper fallero. After greasing the molds, with the idea that the paper does not stick to it, pieces of wet paper are spread and glued on the inside of the molds to complete the shape. Several layers are applied until a thickness that assures the rigidity and hardness of the piece is obtained, in our case there have been three, for masks and bigheads it is enough. We emphasize on the one hand the use of paper in two colors (gray and pink) to ensure that the layers are uniform and complete throughout the piece and, on the other hand, that the glue we have used has also been elaborated by us. Although white glue can be used, we decided to prepare our own paste with flour and rabbit glue.

Once the piece is dry, it is removed from the mold and ready for finishing. In our case we have prepared a primer with rabbit glue and chalk in the traditional way that will allow us to paint the sculptures with acrylic paint or any other type of paint. 

The approach to this technique by the students has been enthusiastic and very active. We hope that on future occasions they will dare to go a step further and take it to more personal artistic expressions.