The oceans are an essential element for the balance of our planet, containing 97€ of the earth's water and absorbing approximately 30% of carbon dioxide.

The oceans today are a seriously threatened ecosystem, with plastic pollution being of particular concern, with an average of 13,000 pieces of plastic waste per square kilometer of ocean.

Here you have a link to a nice short film from the Reina Sofia Museum: "Lemon", this video is a metaphor of how the use of plastics breaks into the course of nature.

What can we do?

Plastic sculptures.


Today we would like to propose a small gesture to develop your creativity, creating sculptures with reused plastics.

To do so, we will collect everyday plastic materials: bottles, caps, bags, food containers... are we aware of the amount of plastic waste we generate? Where does it go?

The challenge is to reuse this waste to turn it into sculptures or artistic compositions.

We suggest something along the lines of the images below, focused on the marine theme.

You can find more ideas on the website of the beautiful initiative of the Galician association Mar de Fábula.