Natural landscape

Course summary

The course focuses on the practice of landscape painting. As a practical workshop we will approach the motifs of both natural and urban landscapes.

Days of the week: Tuesday and Wednesday

Schedule: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

Conditions of accessNone for the 1st year

Duration: School year from September to June

The course proposes a plastic experience in which the student will be able to choose the techniques and pictorial supports that are most appropriate to his or her level of knowledge.

There will be theoretical classes on pictorial techniques applied to landscape painting, sensitive perception of the elements of nature and approach to the treatment of landscape in contemporary art.

Digital photography will be an important technical resource in the creative processes of the works produced in the workshop.

The course will develop and enhance the value of the technique known as "Urban Sketching" (urban drawing) looking for a dynamic, creative and personalized approach to the students' work. With all the material collected in our trips abroad we will make our "Course Travelogue".